Super Furry Animals
@ Royal Festival Hall, London

The good people of London, Wales and the world; people with soul and emotion, gathered in a Royal Festival Hall for a super furry new year's eve. Warmth and friendliness exuded; the bearded guitar songsmiths played three sets. As you might expect they gently eased us into the night, melancholic, soft. Avid non-Welsh fans trying to mouth the words to Mwng like John Redwood did the Welsh national anthem. But the velveteen was concealing the iron fist of Ice Hockey hair - yes. Gruff Rhys reached an unusually high octave in the chorus - we all followed suit. Now that you're here tell me you're a non-believer, but people were still arriving, and some had yet to arrive.

The Festival Hall was packed with surreal delights, games, parody, irony, the miniscule of sound a rocking box crammed with sardines, humans, bass and groover's mist. It was fun and games. Outside, festival hall goers had a police protected area of the South Bank all to themselves, a priviliged amount of space to view the fireworks, others stayed indoors to get the best position for the third set. The countdown to 2008 seemed to matter little, the third set sucked us in, alternating soft and hippy like with pogo rock out, people rained sweat. Huw Bunford, homeless hostel resident, orgasmed on his guitar and stared at the ceiling bedazelled, body erect.

Songs rolled in, one wave after another; the band took a rest and four furry animals appeared dancing and prancing to techno, we all had a disco. Man don't give a fuck.

Mike Williams