The View
@ The Sugarmill, Stoke On Trent

The crowd chants in anticipation, the lights dim: “The View, The View, The View are on fire,” this is what the fans have been eagerly waiting for. It’s a special occasion when a big band plays a small gig, even more special when the tickets had sold out before they officially went on sale, and the most special part of it all? The View are playing ‘the last of their intimate gigs’, and not one of us were willing to miss it.

Staggering out on stage with their usual charm and wit, they opened to a roar of appreciation, I’d never seen an audience of that volume in our local, but there was a friendly atmosphere amongst us. The Scottish lads breezed through their first couple of songs, with the odd incoherent mumbling, that I’m certain even the fellow Scots would not have been able to decipher. It’s hard to imagine that only a year ago these lads were virtually unheard of. With talent most up and coming bands dream of, and charm dripping from their guitars these were certainly born entertainers.

They sung all of their hits including; ‘The Don,’ ‘Scag Trendy,’ and ‘Same Jeans,’ each to a sea of crowd surfers until the girls standing at the front had to interrupt to let Kyle, the lead singer, know that his zipper on his jeans was down: “Oh I know, it’s broke, wanna peep at inside?” he teased. They certainly pulled out all the stops, and their Indie friendly Ballard; ‘Face for the Radio,’ was a welcome relief for the non-stop crowd, who literally bounced from the first chord to the last. Their final song; ‘Superstar Tradesman,’ gave everyone a chance to unite in happiness, and after they took a bow and walked off stage, the chanting began again.

The tour seems to be going fantastically if tonight was anything to go by, and as usual The View were certainly on fire.

Lyndsey Green