Hayseed Dixie

Starting out with a debut album of AC/DC covers, Hayseed Dixie have been touring the world for 7 years and written more albums since then, ‘No Covers’ being the latest. This time around the album is described as containing ‘original material’ meaning that they wrote the songs themselves and that you’ve never heard anything quite like it. The immediate image that sprung to mind when listening to this album, was of a band, complete with banjos, playing in a ‘hillbilly’ bar in South America. The content of the songs compliments this image, in that, they consist of light hearted takes on familiar subjects, from a fun band not taking themselves too seriously. With song titles such as ‘Born To Die In France’ and ‘Set Myself On Fire’ it seems that this is a fair judgement. Lead singer and guitarist Barley Scotch says he was encouraged to write the words for ‘Bouncing Betty Boogie,’ (a song about land mines) on a handful of toilet roll in an airplane toilet, after sitting next to an arms dealer. This is how he says he came up with all the lyrics for No Covers, through his experiences of meeting people whilst out on the road and the fun he had in doing so comes across here.

‘Stonewall Hicks’ is a fast-paced, banjo driven song that is interspersed with news report audio of the dangers of pigeon excrement and the effect it can have on buildings. Need I say any more? Ok just one more thing, the press release that accompanied this album had a personal note from Barley Scotch about making the album and ended on the following not, which I will leave you with.
“If you’re gonna sell the damn promo CD you got with this to a used record place at least have the decency to wait until it’s actually been released. You may think the record is crap, and I frankly don’t give a damn what your personal opinion is about it, but if you sandbag us at retail you’re just an asshole and if I find out about it I’ll give you an East Tennessee asswhooping.”

The Cd will be on Ebay within the hour.

Piers Edwards