Lines Of Leaving

What’s not to love about a band with a song called Fistula? Ordinarily the phrase ‘Finnish Metal’ makes my heart sink, expecting more churning, shouting, occult-obsessed nonsense. Lines Of Leaving, however, are melodramatic, idealistic rockers, walking the line between punk, hard rock and pop inclinations. Despite awkward moments due to singing in a foreign language (and what’s wrong with singing in Finnish?), they convey an urgency and drive that belies their gothier moments. It is loud and angry. Hell, they start out with an onslaught on the insane wealth gap. Claiming Oprah spends 20 grand a week on her eyebrows, they point out the cruelty of a man earning thousands a week to kick a football that was made for pennies ina sweatshop. They attack consumerism (though don’t forget to buy this record!), environmental damage, the Americanisation of culture and campaign for better adaptations for the disabled. Pretty right-on, this lot! Thankfully, they turn the anger and energy into angry, energetic rock and have spent time and money on a very punchy, dynamic-driven production.

Perhaps I can forgive the next few doom-laden Scandanavian discs that drop through the letterbox.

Ross McGibbon