Make Me

Make me are a four-piece band from San Francisco consisting of best friends Zola and Claire and recently added members Wes and Jeremy. ‘It Only Hurts The First Time’ is the debut album from Make Me and is a unique musical experience to say the least. If I had to slot the music into a genre, which inevitably you’ll have to do at some point, I would say the band come across as an indie/electro/pop act. In order to fully appreciate what the band are about, however, you would have to give them a listen as I feel I would be doing them a disservice to try and describe their sound with words. They will not be for everyone, as the vocals can come across initially as somewhat childlike, but with time many will come to appreciate that the simplistic nature of the singing is actually quite appealing. The band are definitely not without a sense of humour and seem to be having a lot of fun on this record, as ‘Mazel Tov’ proves, “He’ll discover that when all the lights are on, that he has no trousers on. We’re all laughing.”

The album consists of 9 fairly short songs, which I think serve them well, as this is enough for music of this type. At the end of the day, I don’t think this will ever have mass appeal but the songs are fun and playful and will no doubt attract a ‘cult’ following in certain circles. I feel that the band will truly come into their own when performing live as I can’t help thinking that that is where they are most comfortable and most suited.

Piers Edwards