Songdog is really a one man operation – Lyndon Morgans – plus sidemen. Having received good reviews for his last blast of tunes and plaudits from mags (an Uncut cover CD track), Songdog attracted a surprisingly tiny audience last time they were in Leeds. Lyndon, a calmed down ex-punk rocker, takes it in his stride and continues doing more of what makes him happy. And what makes him happy is being unhappy. The album is chock full of stories and vignettes of unhappy love, doomed relationships, losers and street life. Add to that a number of tales of ladies desperate for that Lyndon loving plus a few ready to dump him and you have the album. It’s very filmic in tone and songs are largely short on tunes, accompanied by plucked acoustic guitar and decorated with cello, accordion and horns. Lyndon’s quiet, choked vocals spin out the tales in his head, tales from his past and some tales from the bottom of a bottle. It’s atmospheric but less involving than the last offering (The Time Of Summer Lightning), perhaps because it’s less novel.

I think a selection of lines would say more about this album than further description:
“Ruben has a cute tattoo of a mermaid on his back”
“(she) tells me my stubble is scratching her thighs”
“And she knew how much he loved her ‘cos he wrote it in the dust on a star”
“I have a room where I could kneel and suck your toes”
“I took a long pull on my flask. There’s no forgiveness so I won’t even ask”
“I bought a rose from the guy at the traffic lights but only for the thorn”
“I tore away the towel and we made love on the mat”
“Back at the car you said starting things was easy. And wretched sinner that I am I took you in my arms, as the wind blew sleet against the windscreen”
“I know you wished you were anywhere else, and it’s like I went insane”
“I don’t need you to forgive me, that’s the last thing that I’d ask”

Ross McGibbon