The press release casually references Dennis Wilson and their frontman looks plastered on the inlay photo; already, I’m digging Stalkers.

Sure, these Noo Yawkers woulda been creamed over by the press had they emerged six years ago when garage rock was brutally hijacked by the fashionistas. Thankfully, Stalkers don’t appear too concerned with courting such praise, mostly because they look a little too wasted to care, maaannn! Appearances aside, they display a genuine affection for primeval rock n’ roll. The opening title track explodes like a firework up a cat’s arse as grubby frontman Andy Animal alternates between snarling snot-punk and whisky-soaked crooner over Johnny Thunders-spooked riffs. Without pausing for breath, the pace is kept up for the fun ‘Sun’s Coming Up’ which oozes Gene Vincent cool and is topped off by a cheesy sixties roller-rink organ.

‘I’m Watching You’ is a ramshackle ballad, deep rooted in the same tough but tender tradition as the Ramones’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend’ or ‘I Remember You’. ‘Feeling Alright’ displays more pop sensibilities, whilst the freakbeat garage stomp of ‘How Can I Live Today’ careers out of control and over the edge of sanity.

A promising debut from these night prowlers, ‘Yesterday…’ is perhaps best heard in a vomit-splattered, wee-scented boozer. Slam it on and grab a beer or twelve!

Ross Halewood