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Shoreditch Festival 2007


Michael Moore's Sicko shows us how full of self-hatred the US is

Hey there, take a minute out and smell the roses:

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“The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way)”

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu reveal their zenarchistic method used in making the unthinkable happen.

This classic from 1988, though dated in detail has the anarchic spirit of Bill Drummond tattooed through it. This is the recipe he used for Doctoring The Tardis, Justified And Ancient, KLF, etc. Nowadays it is available free via Tom Robinson’s site (yup, him of ‘2,4,6,8 Motorway’ and ‘Sing If You’re Glad To Be Gay’).
Just follow the link.


Bringing the World to Taipei

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s biggest erection.Since Taiwan came into existence it has fought an ongoing struggle for autonomy, recognition and existence in the eyes of the outside world.

West End Boys and Taiwanese Princesses

I used to know this forty-five year old pot belly American. He'd say to me, Chinese girls are so easy to fuck.

The Black Hole: Being Reeled in by Mafia #1

Truth, history and will all begin to wilt pathetically in the heat of the monster’s rage – the monster which is being fuelled by the greed of the four corners of the world.

Buying Identities on Borrowed Money

Taiwanese people don’t think independently. The advertisements tell them that the products they sell are symbols of success.

Queens Becoming Dogs: We Don't Speak Taiwanese

Some of my classmates would call me a Chinese Dog or Pig - this is part of the new Taiwanese political ideology.

Organic is putting it politely: Finding an Adjective for Taiwanese urban sprawl

Houses look like sheds or garages. For the untrained eye, it’s sometimes difficult to work out whether any given building is a mechanic's shop front or someone's front room.

Finding New Aches and Pains: Sacrificing the Ultimate Sacrifice

I play basketball with friends every Sunday. Eighty percent of us are not in the army - we've all tried to find a problem stopping us from being conscripted.

The Family Mind: How to Think in Groups

The family mind gives Taiwanese people a sense of security and strength. There are a whole load of things which stress the individual westerner out but from which the family mind protects the Taiwanese individual.

Where is the Taiwanese Public Energy?

Taipei is a grey dirty city – there’s a lot going on – but it's far too orderly. In the urban centres, there's no sense of anticipation, excitement or romance.

Modesty, A Great Value

Whilst the Taiwanese business classes love western fashion, in general, the urban young don’t dress extravagantly or try to show off their figures.

On the Periphery: Politics, Alcohol and Anger

In Lanyu, an island off the east coast inhabited by Australasians, one inhabitant, who was angry from the moment he walked through the door of this old kitchen - turned around and told me with some gusto that 'the Taiwanese President gave nothing to the inhabitants of the island - save some beautiful names'. He dropped a piece of fish on the floor and stamped on it several times with his foot.


Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily

Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily adorn the western Italian coastline, basking in the sunshine of the Mediterranean. Whilst geographically close each island has a distinct identity. From the verdant mountains of Corsica to the sandy heat of Sardinia and the hustle and bustle of Sicily. From the calm reserve of the Corsicans to the gentle humility of the Sardinians and the rude and noisy Sicilians.


The Hold Steady
Ross Halewood talks to guitar player Tad Huebler - "For every hour I have spent listening to Springsteen, I have spent five listening to Led Zeppelin."

Ross Halewood talks to bass player Pete Trewavas - "Poverty isn't front page news anymore"

Jesse Malin
Ross McGibbon catches up with the feisty New Yorker - "Write locally but think globally"

Maximo Park
Ross McGibbon meets Tom English - "It just increased our venom"



Singled out by Vanguard....


Turbonegro: Retox

Asobi Seksu: Citrus

Crowded House: Time On Earth

Kate Walsh: Tim's House

Interpol: Our Love To Admire

The Mooney Suzuki: Have Mercy

Beastie Boys: The Mix Up

Goldspot: Tally Of The Yes Men

Desperado: Thugs

The Bongos: Drums Along The Hudson

The Bluetones: The Early / Garage Years

BC Camplight: Blink Of A Nihilist

Dragons: Here Are The Roses

Murder By Death: Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left Of Them?

Murder By Death: Like The Exorcist, but More Breakdancing

Pieta Brown: Remember The Sun

Maroon 5: It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Calvin Harris: I Created Disco

Chromeo: Fancy Footwork

The Sinister Cleaners: Shine

The Pigeon Detectives: Wait For Me

Dame Shirley Bassey: Get The Party Started

Pepe Deluxe: Spare Time Machine

The Films: Don't Dance Rattlesnake

Shameless: Smokers Die Younger

Chris Cornell: The Roads We Choose

Frank Black: 93-03

Helen Hicks: Helen Hicks

The Maccabees: Colour It In

Muleskinner Jones: Alcohol, Tobacco, Raygun?

Trademark: Raise The Stakes

Code Indigo: In Concert

Nouvelle Vague: Present New Wave

Kris Drever: Black Water

Bekki Williams: Edge Of Human

Good Shoes: Think Before You Speak

Viva Voce: Viva Voce Loves You

Dave Derby: And The Norfolk Downs

XI: The Glow Of Television


Revernd And The Makers @ Leeds Cockpit
July 07

Towers Of London @ Leeds Rios
July 07

The Sonic Hearts @ Newcastle Cluny
July 07

The Hold Steady @ Leeds Cockpit
July 07

I Concur @ Leeds Cockpit
July 07

Pigeon Detectives @ The Town Hall, Leeds
May 07

Zico Chain @ Fibbers, Leeds
May 07

Jesse Malin @ The Faversham, Leeds
May 07

Jimmy Eat World @ Leeds Met
April 07

The Cribs @ Keele University
May 07

Rise Against @ Leeds Met
May 07

Neil's Children @ Leeds Cockpit
April 07

The Maccabees @ Leeds Stylus
May 07

Frank Turner @ Leeds Met
April 07

One Night Only @ Leeds Cockpit
April 07

Cold War Kids @ The Faversham, Leeds
April 07


The Confidential Clerk @ The Finborough Theatre, London
Showing until 27th August 2007

T.S. Eliot's verse comedy proves too much for cast in the Finborough greenhouse.

Jamie the Saxt @ The Finborough Theatre, London
Showing until 1st September 2007

The Finborough hosts Robert McLellan's 'Scots' play of how King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England.

The Accidental Lives of Memories @ The White Bear Theatre Club, London
Showing until 26th August 2007

Combining dance, Shakespearean prose, and a set that could have been the brainchild of an Apple Mac designer, The Accidental Lives of Memories, explores the use of memory and self-identity in tackling contemporary existentialist dilemmas.

Men Without Shadows @ The Finborough Theatre, London
Showing until 7th July 2007

Men Without Shadows concerns itself with the trials, tribulations and existentialist dilemmas of six maquis imprisoned during the Nazi occupation of France. Jean Paul Sartre.

African Gothic @ The White Bear, London
Showing until 20th May 2007

African Gothic is an Afrikaans play, written by Reza de Wet, focussing on the psychological effects of isolation and child abuse.

The Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret! @ The White Bear, London
Showing until 26th November 2006

The Wonder is a fantastically funny play, a romantic farce, penned in the eighteenth century by the JK Rowling of the time.


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