November 2002

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Public Participation in the UK - The Big Con
Public participation is often painted as a means through which local people can exercise power over decisions that affect theirs as well as others lives. It entices you to participate.


Israeli Refuseniks
"Suddenly you are asked to do things that should not be asked of you." Everyone knows this feeling, this moment of decision between obedience and refusal. For Lt. David Zonshein, the stakes were unusually high. He was being asked by the Israeli army to shoot human beings, to destroy houses in which there might be living people.

Nothing about the future is predictable. There occur in history certain moments of social and economic dislocation - for example, the industrial revolution in Europe - which are also the instants when social movements erupt that will change the world. We are creating a truly international resistance movement just as the revolution that we oppose - corporate globalization - is rife with symptoms of breakdown.


Superordinates often appropriate language originally used to challenge the hierarchy they sit on top of, to describe policies, which reformulate and sustain that hierarchy. The effect of using this language is to seduce those who dissent into focussing their energies on observing how the superordinates maintain that hierarchy.


Love Versus Terrorism

B Nice TM on the Oilygarchy....

911 Poetry
B Nice TM :These are poems I wrote for one week starting on 9/11/2001 since that time it seems we have gone much further down what I consider to be a very dangerous path. Now that the smoke has settled a bit consider where our nation is headed. Please take a moment out to pray for peace. God Bless America.


Fifty Years to Evacuate The Planet
Attac reviews the itinerary for the World The World Wildlife Fund is warning us that humans have so robbed and devastated our Earth that by 2050 it will be necessary to colonize two new planets in order to find sustenance for our near-insatiable appetites.

The recent South African jamboree that collected almost all the world's leading politicians, except Dubya Bush, was a rather dismal failure in moves to save the planet. But it may be the last such meeting that allows our feckless governments to ignore reality.

New World Journey?
We are likely to run short of breathable air and drinkable water; our records will crumble or become illegible in a sudden wave; we have leaders more interested in striving for personal advancement and the "victory" of their own gang. And the most powerful men in the world are devoting most of their time and effort to planning and organizing a war.

Peru: Grassroots Activism Has Domino Effect
Despite the company's best efforts, an overwhelming number of residents say they prefer working the land and living in their family homes to the lure of gold. This June 2, about 98% of the town's eligible voters said "no" to mining in a referendum organized by the municipality. Not surprisingly, Manhattan eschewed the election and its results, saying townsfolk lacked enough information to vote.


Could the 'Robin Hood' Tax Really Give To The Poor?
According to its adherents the Tobin Tax takes a miniscule percentage from each financial interaction, making virtually no difference to the motivation to trade, but yielding increased revenue to the state. Ben Garside questions the economic theory upon which this proposition is based.

Hello Criminals
In Escravos, Nigeria, 600 women seized control of the ChevronTexaco oil terminal. The unarmed women villagers threatened to remove their clothes -- a traditional shaming gesture aimed at humiliating ChevronTexaco. Despite its great oil wealth, the Niger Delta is among the poorest -- and most polluted -- places in West Africa. "Chevron has neglected us," says Felicia Itsero, 67, one of the protesting women. "They have neglected us for a long time. For example, any time spills occur, they don't do proper clean-up or pay compensation. Our roofs are destroyed by their chemical. No good drinking water in our rivers. Our fishes are killed on daily basis by their chemicals, even the fishes we catch in our rivers, they smell of crude oil." (see

Multiethnic Work in A White Italian Society
If adopted, the Bossi-Fini bill would fulfill the dreams of many managers, specially small ones, and of a public opinion twisted by years of cultural hegemony by the right; a " multiethnic " labour market in a exclusively " white " society. This would be the very building block of a social order shaped on segregation of " foreigners " and of whomever would be considered unconventional from the mainstream point of view.


A World Holiday
It was a good idea, a very good idea. As the then Clerk to the British Parliamentary Group for World Government expressed it pithily: "If we can't agree to do anything together, perhaps we can agree to do nothing together." The plan was for a World Holiday, a Day when we could celebrate our togetherness as a human species, when we could make a splash with all of us doing something to show human solidarity. So why has it taken so long?


Click here!

People moving/living together

  • Constitutional protection of the environment, resources and the right of human beings and groups to access them.
  • Communalist participatiory democracy allied to proportional representative forms.
  • Protection of the freedom of expression and association.
  • Abolition of borrowing as an allowable state action.
  • Abolition of weapons of mass destruction on a world wide basis.


Don't worry. Let your spirit be free from fear and the need to dominate and control. Come away. Let Bin Laden and Bush bomb the world into oblivion. Because our souls dance to the eternal beat of a different sound in a different sphere - love.


Sharon's Grand Plan

So one must ask, what is the motive behind the series of military incursions into the Palestinian territory on the West Bank if it is clearly not for the stated purpose of defending Israel against attack? It provokes more terrorist action - indeed, since it is itself essentially designed to strike terror in the Palestinian population and break their resistance, it might almost be planned to do just that. The result of the Palestinians suicidal resistance, moreover, is to increase the U.S. government's support for Israel and for Sharon, which suits him very well.

The True Born Anarchist?

Since the American administration pays for the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and gives continued backing for Sharon's policy, the reason for U.S. determination to frustrate the I.C.C. before it starts work is fairly plain to see.


Trust an Iraqi?

The answer is almost certainly no, just as it is when the question is one that involves threats to Iraq or the people of Iraq. Nor can we trust a Saudi, or a Briton, or a Frenchman, or a Turk, in similar situations. We have to forestall the problems by making sure, as far as humanly possible,that a clash of loyalties does not arise. We must have people who understand that the need of the world community, whether as part of the United Nations or otherwise, is to think and act as world citizens.

September 11th

There is a serious threat perhaps imminent, of a collapse of the Saudi regime that is a close ally of the United States. That would threaten the main supply of reasonably cheap oil from the Middle East. If, as is not unlikely, Saudi Arabia becomes a centre of chaos, there will have to be alternative sources of supply. That will probably have to be two places. One will be Central Asia, for which oil pipelines are being laid through Turkey and will also stretch across Afghanistan. But the other will need to be Iraq. the other country with vast reserves. So there is an important reason for getting control of Iraq, and it has very little to do with Saddam Hussein being a double-dyed villain.

A Good Day For Assassins

The U.S. special forces and the CIA are said to have been authorized to use "lethal force" to kill or capture Saddam Hussein. No one need feel sympathy for so outrageous a war criminal, but when Dubya is consorting with and supporting another war criminal, the Israeli prime minister Arial Sharon, such a policy muddies the water, to say the least. It gives reason for the sympathies of ordinary people to be redistributed, to see the American president and the I raqi dictatorin the same light. If they use the same methods, can they be distinctively different?


One Year On In Afghanistan
President George Bush's "war on terror" reached the desert village of Hajibirgit at midnight on 22 May. Haji Birgit Khan, the bearded, 85-year-old Pushtu village leader and head of 12,000 local tribal families, was lying on a patch of grass outside his home. Faqir Mohamed was sleeping among his sheep and goats in a patch of sand to the south when he heard "big planes moving in the sky". Even at night, it is so hot that many villagers spend the hours of darkness outside their homes, although Mohamedin and his family were in their mud-walled house. There were 105 families in Hajibirgit on 22 May, and all were woken by the thunder of helicopter engines and the thwack of rotor blades and the screaming voices of the Americans.


The Greatest Crimes Against Humanity
John Roberts with his all time top ten.


Palestine, Free Trade Zones and Grass-Roots Solidarity Movements
Loukas Christodoulou on his participation in an International Solidarity Movement delegation to Palestine in March 2002.

A Democratic End To The Palestinian Crisis?
The basic idea is that the two parties elect/select representatives from each side and that the two democratically selected groups meet in an open-ended joint session to negotiate peace, a sort of 'conclave' where both are 'locked up' by the global pressure of public opinion until they come to an agreement.

Peace Rights
Peacerights aims to serve those who seek to resolve conflict through law rather than violence and war. It provides a free legal service to activists, those who are acting to uphold laws which impede or nullify the preparation and waging of war.

The Future Peace Movement
But there will not be a unified peace movement unless we can first find a basis for agreement. That will come principally from joint action; but it will also require a basis of theory. What do you agree on?


The Nationalist Doth Protest Too Much
A critic with a soft spot for nationalism writes to tell me of multi-national corporations 'their very existence, and the supranational power they control through GATT and NAFTA/FTAA, their lawyers and their enormous wealth, dwarf the nation states they use and they are steadily gaining influence via the politicians who "lead" the very nation states the MNCs would destroy'. As I probably recognized the rising power of wealth before he was born, I am not compelled to agree with him that it negates the importance of nation-states.

A United Nations Fable

Why Nation States Are Not Obsolete
The example of Osama bin Laden is instructive. He and his followers constitute a core of fanatical Saudi Arabians who have attracted fundamental religious believers from other countries. But unless they can seize control of an Arab state, perhaps Saudi, they will never have more than terrorism to cause intermittent trouble.


Profiting From Illegality
It may be that someone will find ways of bringing into civil courts the perpetrators of pollution and degradation of the environment which has damaged the health of plaintiffs. Multi-million pound suits against companies building nuclear weapons could prove very useful. The enormous losses sustained by nuclear power companies are at present covered up or paid for by governments wishing to continue the provision of those weapons. Sooner or later it should be possible to have the costs brought into open court and legal procedures used to enforce payment for some at least of them consequent damage.
It may be that someone will find ways of bringing into civil courts the perpetrators of pollution and degradation of the environment which has damaged the health of plaintiffs. Multi-million pound suits against companies building nuclear weapons could prove very useful. The enormous losses sustained by nuclear power companies are at present covered up or paid for by governments wishing to continue the provision of those weapons. Sooner or later it should be possible to have the costs brought into open court and legal procedures used to enforce payment for some at least of them consequent damage.


A Wild West Fable
But we shall not establish a crime-free world and any implication that we shall do so is both misleading and silly. World federalists are first and foremost concerned to eliminate the greatest immediate dangers to civilized life and then progress from there to the next universal threats, not to try to achieve a Utopia; and anyone who pretends otherwise is simplying delaying the achievement of a peaceful and united world.


There's enough food to feed the world, we're spending billions on nuclear weapons and shit, and there's still poor fuckers looking like this. When your politicians tell you there's no other way, that globalisation, modernisation and free trade is the way, don't defer to their authority, no matter how much you cower behind their strong words and pomposity, ultimately you'll take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your actions. Think about it.


The Pan American Convention Against Terrorism
The Assembly of the ASO approved, in Barbados on June 3rd, the Pan-American Convention against terrorism. It was made with a "record" time, without discussions and without listening to the objections and the proposals of some NGO, among them, the one to postpone the course of the project in order to let an open debate begin. Governments of the continent, with representatives there, just listened to their "master's voice".


A Criminal Law: The Bossi-Fini Law
On June 4th 2002, the Italian Chamber of Deputies adopted the Bossi-Fini law on immigration. And from yesterday onwards, we are all, whether Italians or foreigners, extra-communitarians or citizens of the European Union, much less free. And it is so because the taking of fingerprints for a permit to stay, by the prefecture, of whosoever comes into Italy or whoever already is in Italy, is an indication of a state of emergency.


Capitalist Crisis and Corporate Crime
More culprits will be unmasked no doubt, and who knows, the cast of odious characters may ultimately even include George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. But it is worthwhile to remember that while there are villains aplenty, it is the dynamics of the system of deregulated, finance- driven global capitalism that is the central problem, and this is not something that can be banished by Georgian pieties like "There is no capitalism without conscience," or addressed with quaint solutions like "good corporate governance."

Enron, WorldCom, Vivendi-Universal and Others - or the crisis of new capitalism
Today's idea itself of what a company signifies is now to be challenged. A company is seen as a financial object whose stock market value has to be increased at all costs: buying in of shares, mergers, selling off of less profitable sectors, funding... The apogee followed by the bankruptcy of Enron has had nothing to do with its industrial activity - the buying and selling of gas and electricity - it is uniquely a result of its financial activities


Ministry of Sound's New Years Eve Dome Event
Get all the details about whose playing, how much its costing and how to get there.

Enter Our Competition: The Vanguard Online 'just get on with it' mix.
Enter the competition to get free tickets for the above event with the no messin VO styly invitation.

Enter Our Competition: The PR hyped up mega mix.
Enter the competition, but read about how this event is going to blow your nob off first.


The Streets: DJ Mix Set

Soma: 10 Anthology

Luke Slater: Alright On Top
When this don of techno decided to team up with The Aloof's Ricky Barrow for this album I had my doubts. Techno with a soul(ish) singer at the helm, how can that work?


If you ever experienced a moment of happiness with anyone, you shared love, it was a place that you are and will be forever. Just look up to the sky, smile and feel the love and you will find that place again and again and again and for as long as you want to be there you will be there.

Babu's agents covered all expenses for Manny to interview Babu whilst driving through the sun-kissed boulevards of California!

Towards A Theory Of Hip Hop
John E Richardson warns against reading/textualising hip-hop in 'monocultural' terms and calls to all 'hedz' to define their own localised word-play (cue Roots Manuva's 'cheese on toast' and 'scratch card' references) whilst acknowledging the general African-American NY paradigm.

Hip Hop Culture And African American Urban Aesthetics
Colin Howley traces the 'origins' of hip-hop culture to its multi-ethnic roots, that include the often overlooked Latin-American as well as African-American and Caribbean-American influences.

Dilated People's @ Manchester University
Travelling from Sheffield to Manchester during a Monday afternoon rush hour is nothing nice. Despite standing in a packed train and smelling other peoples' funk, the trip had to be done. One of the freshest hip-hop collectives at this space and time - Dilated Peoples - was about to do their first show of their UK tour in Manchester.



It has been the eternal affliction of an arrogant mankind that whenever a group come to agree on a matter they decide that it is the objective truth and that others should be compelled to come to see it as such. Don't submit to anyone's compulsions for they are the devil.


Deference in American society has this at its root: a calculation that someone else's time is more valuable than your own, which seems to give that person the right to command your time in accordance with his needs. The most obvious example occurs in offices, where it seems right for secretaries to perform services for their superior, not because they respect him as self-sufficient or because they are awed by his abilities, but because the superior's work is considered more valuable than her typing, and so his time is more valuable than hers. - Sennett & Cobb


The Coral @ The Metropolitan - Leeds
October 2002

Ben Folds Five and The Divine Comedy @ Somewhere in Manchester
October 2002

The Polyphonic Spree @ The Leadmill - Sheffield
October 2002

The Shining @ The Cockpit - Leeds
October 2002


The Burn
It is also important for us to remember our roots and stick close to our mates back home, as soon as we start going into our local boozer with daft haircuts and shades on, we would get pulled by people you know.

Drummer Steve, the most talkative of the boys, said of their first tour: 'even where there were only 20 people in the audience, we still had a laugh'. Why? Because they palled up so well with main act Minuteman. It must be depressing, though, putting in all that effort for such a small reward? 'We'd been in the studio for months, it was nice just to play live in front of people. And if anyone's heard of us that's a bonus'.

Ross Meets Bellray Bob

The Shining
Something smells up...

Shirley You're Joking asks Ross McGibbon?

Midus Blue
Anne Trinder grabs a pint in Sheffield's Red Deer and tries to get to the bottom of this Midus Blueness thing.

Ross McGibbon asks Alice about 'twenty years of the same old shit, hit after hit after hit'.

Ross McGibbon walks and talks with Clinic.

The Ash guitarist Charley Hatherley gives Ross McGibbon the low down on world domination, kung-fu and the band's love of the Japanese.


Jockey Slut
Tayo's a one-man musical phenomena in the world of underground electro. Vanguard Online's Cabs caught up this workaholic funkster on the release date of his mix album Y4K.

What's the Pussy Up to?
Justin Roberston talks to Vanguard Online's Emma Pearce on his love for The Fall and young kids breaking into studios and rafting their their loot down Manchester canal...


Headcharge In 2002

The Headcharge crew give us a run down of events and plans for a record label in the coming year.

NY Sushi
@ NCPM - Sheffield
October 2001

DJ Noize and DJ Fierce are amongst the guests for the NY's 4th Birthday Party


The Shining: True Skies

Polyphonic Spree: The Beginning Stages Of...

JJ72: I To Sky

Aqualung: Aqualung

Levellers: Green Blade Rising

Econoline: Music Is Stupid

Wolftown Comittee: Legendary Status


Singles from The Tydes; DNA Doll, Dirty Vegas, Econoline, Athlete, Idlewild, Garbage, D4, Levellers, Suede, The Shining and You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.


Whoever is the master over others is not himself free - Rousseau


24 Hour Party People
Factory was possibly the most elitist independent label ever, with it's anti-man on the street philosophy and the way major decisions were made by a few people simply because they liked an idea. The elitist and pseudo-intellectual style of the film help to convey this unique side of Factory.

The Man Who Wasnt There
Although the Coens have dabbled successfully in other genres, noir with a wry smile seems to be their favourite. And on this form, who would begrudge them making a few more?

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The much-admired French surrealist director, most famous for Delicatessen and The City of the Lost Children, is back with his best offering yet.


Waiting for Godot & La Ronde @ The Room

La Ronde looked to me like a flabby piece of student drama that had wandered onto the professional stage.

No Man's Land @ The Lyceum, Sheffield
April 2002
The length and number of pauses in Pinter's work is legendary, but I'd never realised before exactly how long they were supposed to be until I saw Pinter directing one of his own productions. They go on for so long you can hear every rustle, every fidget and the crossing of every leg in the audience. This production is a master-class in uncomfortable silence.

Hobson's Choice @ The Lyceum, Sheffield
April 2002
Although the play is engaged with social themes of great relevance of the time – women's emancipations, not being too old to marry at 30, marriage across class boundaries and the nature of 'tradesmen', it is too genteel and comic to make us sit up and pay attention.

Trimming Pablo @ The Crucible Studio, Sheffield
March 2002
It turns out that one mid-November day in 1950, the Spanish master rolled into Sheffield station on the Master Cutler train to attend the 2nd World Peace Congress at the City Hall! These were the post-war days of spiralling nuclear threat and early-Cold War sabre-rattling. Although many of the delegates were prevented from attending the conference by the intervention of our Prime Minister (due to paranoia about the "red threat" of Communism), Picasso chose to come and this show tells the story through the eyes of various people who were in town at the time.

Neutrino @ The Crucible Studio, Sheffield
March 2002
Interweaving a series of parodic scientific lectures with conversations between couples travelling on a train, the play dealt with issues such as manic depression, love, sexuality and librarianship with pathos and wit.

Richard III @ The Crucible, Sheffield
March 2002
n what must be the greatest theatrical entrance of the year, our first glimpse of Richard is stretched out in a horizontal crucifix pose on some kind of therapeutic traction contraption. He begins the 'winter of discontent' speech while his physicians unstrap him. Visually striking and subversive as this image is, it is somewhat undermined when a be-y-fronted Richard is swung down to reveal his muscular physique in all its gym-toned perfection.

acertainperson @ Sound, Leicester Square
March 2002
My first note for the evening was hardly music-based but more on the impressive talent standing before me. Fitness all round I decided and I am still in love with the bassist.

Chicago @ The Lyceum
March 2002
All-singing, all-dancing, all skimpy underwear for the girls and spray-on lycra for the boys, Chicago doesn't disappoint on a visual or aural level. You know it's going to be raunchy from the publicity of be-stockinged women straddling chairs in a provocative Christine Keeler-meets-Sally Bowles type way.


Richard Alston Dance Company @ The Lyceum, Sheffield
January 2002
There were some poignant sections such as the sensual exchanges between two of the male dancers and the moment when, after some serious aerobics, the 8 or so dancers stood motionless for an instant, facing the audience, before they swayed ever-so-gently to one side and set sail again for more energetic shores.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers @ The Lyceum, Sheffield
April 2002
Quite literally an all-singing, all-dancing colour coordinated extravaganza, more than a little reminiscent of a Gap ad. A trifle un-p.c these days, 7 Brides is the story of pioneer farmer and fur-trapper Adam Pontipee (Dave Willetts and his search for a bride to look after him and his six beardy hillbilly brothers.


La Boheme @ The Lyceum, Sheffield
March 2002
In one scene we saw the artist Marchello examining the dozens of Warhol-esque silk-screen portraits he had made of his lover Musetta. He was then joined by another of the lads who was clowning around in blonde wig and wind-blown skirt, singing into a coke bottle, looking uncannily like Marilyn Monroe, our own icon of glamorous insecurity.

Something Wonderful @ The Lyceum, Shefield
March 2002
Members of the chorus have cameo roles in the narrating scenes, and also excel themselves as a chorus. Thornton and his rhythm section bring the music to life ably abetted by the orchestra of Opera North.


Three Kings Comedy Tour @ The Crucible, Sheffield
April 2002
Rarely does a line up feature three performers at the top of their game or keep the momentum and diversity of style that Dexter, Powell and Walker achieved.


American Scream: the Bill Hicks Story
A lot of Christians wear crucifixes, do you think when Jesus comes back, he ever wants to see a fuckin' cross?

Metapocalypse is a clumsy yet daring bullet of a novel, threading a dystopian and Kafkaesque narrative with a valid and creative critique on modern British political history.

The Captive State
In this dynamic account of British politics, George Monbiot uncovers what many have long feared, that corporations have become so powerful they now threaten the foundations of democratic government and possibly now are in control of the agenda.

Getting Personal With Anita Roddick
Ben Garside takes a look at Anita Roddick's literary montage on globalisation and the need for a revolution of kindness.


You want to know one of the most fraudulent practices taking place today? Its academics agreeing to partake in government funded research, where the government makes a condition of the contract, that the government has a right to sanction or prevent the publication of the report. Of course this creates a bias whereby most of those who carry out research are likely to support the government's ideas. The fraud comes in when the government and academics call the evaluation independent. The public will more and more come to understand this. This process will lead to distrust in academia and the nation state and will contribute to the ultimate destruction of both.


Stripping Off In Israel
Security is a big issue in Israel as Ross McGibbon found out to his cost.

Canada: Where Is Here?
Of all the nations in the world, Canada takes the most immigrants. Richard Berry, an Englishman living in Toronto finds himself at the crossroads of multiculturalism and American imperialism.

For America

Travels In Eastern Europe
Intrigued (though not convinced) by talk of socialism, particularly in the context of consumer capitalism and globalisation, Andy Wier took a 3-week trip to get a glimpse into the post-Communist experience of some of the countries of Eastern Europe.


Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now So Fuck Off and Leave Me Alone!!!!!!!!!
That says me me me all over it ! i have felt the same way as long as i can remember i am 35 now , i also feel the hate of others and ,sadness i can also feel happiness but it only last for small amounts of time my father and brother booth kild thierselves they to seem to always felt that way,most of my imediate family does thier is 5 kids left in my family we all seem to fear happiness more then anything

Bosnia: one eye on the future, one eye in the past
I am from mix family, mum Muslim and Father Catolic. In the time when Bosnia was in peace, was reasion to go there.I remember every turist want to came again, do you know why! OK. You go on America,Europa, South Africa etc walk around see things.But when you go in Mostar you don't see so many thing, but you fall love in people and you stay friend forever. We make you feel like at home.I hope you anderstand what I am trying to tel you. Kate Adie, gave me my diploma in English language and English society.I know bad midia put Bosnia so low down. Other things you wrote are true and very good.Well done.

UK Hip Hop - Makin Some Noise
My mates started going to pubs and dressing like the people we used to eyeball and i was forced to come to terms with a few facts; 1. Im not black 2.I dont own a gun or sell crack 3.Im more interested in having a smoke than handing out beat-downs 4. I live in county Durham not South-central and the only thing dividing the east and west coasts is the Pennines, in short i just dont identify and isnt that what us "True heads" always said it was about? So i found the British scene and found it to be packed with proper talent and a dry humour that the Americans so famously "dont get"(i dont need to start listing names to prove how cool i am do i?).

La France Et La Protection De La Culture Francaise
Il y a certes un anti-americanisme qui en devient maladif, obsessionel... D'autant plus que les personnes critiquant les Etats-Unis sont en general des personnes qui affirment etre ouvertes d'esprit, anti-racistes et anti-prejuges! Je ne suis pas, moi non plus, pour la politique Americaine -surtout en ce moment-, ni pour leur etouffement economique. Neanmoins, je connais tout autant d'americains qui ne supportent pas cela non-plus et qui se battent politiquement pour essayer de changer cela.

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now So Fuck Off and Leave Me Alone!!!!!!!!!
What do I think of this article? I think it's very close to how I've so often felt. I've had times in life when depressions and anger would just reappear with such frequency... and times when I thought maybe I was 'past all that'. But, even now at 55, I often am overwhelmed by my apparently underwhelming self. Anyway.. it was a nice bit of writing to run into. Thanks.

La France Et La Protection De La Culture Francaise
Je voulais vous dire aussi, que les francais que vous décrivez dans votre article ne correspondent pas, a mon avis, a la majorité. Les francais qui haissent la culture américaine sont surtout les vieux cons, ou les gens fermés. beaucoup de jeunes l'apprécient beaucoup.

The Discontents of Democracy
Having read the article, however, I have two responses:
1) Yeah, yeah, yeah. The situation isn't going to change short of global revolution and the complete revocation of Capitalism. Frankly, I'm too lazy, and disinterested to bother. and
2) The vast majority of the population have an IQ of 120 or less (about 90% of them) and are congenitally incapable of maintaining any consistency in their own thought processes, let alone productively and rationally considering political, scientific and socio-economic considerations with any degree of competency, or, indeed sanity.

What the Fuck Is Mary-Anne Hobbes doing on the radio?
You seem to have forgoten the fact that mary ann's show is the only program that dose not play the same crap songs most pop shit. The fact that you start to slag her of show you've not got a fully developed view on the show. Aalso i think i would not be far off if i said you like s-club 7 and crap like that.

I Want To Send A Letter
You know we love to hear from our readers so if there's anything you'd like to say about anything you've read - drop us a line - we guarantee to publish your feedback.


Affection, far from being alien to exploitative relations, is precisely the emotion that dominant groups wish to feel toward those whom they exploit. The everyday practice of discrimination does not require feelings of hostility, and, indeed, it is not at all difficult to have fond regard for those whom we subordinate, especially when the subject of our domination accedes to the relationship compliantly - Jackman


A Good Place To Study Semiotics
August 2001
The clubscape of Sheffield has been transformed in recent years by a proliferation of café bars. Johnathon E checks out the latest to lay roots; Cubana's on Trippett Lane…

The Rise And Rise Of The Cafe Bar
August 2001
Richard Berry tracks the insidious evolution of the café bar and asks whether it's the end for the good old pub and more interestingly the traditional English drinking culture?